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Modern Recruitment Tools

Recruiting tends to be a long and painful process, from writing your job description to advertising the open position, to reading through CVs and applications, all before even interviewing potential candidates.
This work often gets outsourced to recruitment companies!

Save money by using GrammarGuru
From generating job descriptions to automating a shortlist of potential candidates, discover how GrammarGuru can help you save time and money on recruiting!

Generate Job Descriptions

New Job Description Form

From a Simple Form

By providing some minimal information about the job role you're hiring for

Comes a Beautiful Job Description

GrammarGuru will create a complete job description that is ready to be used immediately for advertising your open position

New Job Description Form

Automate Shortlisting of Candidates

New Job Description Form

Upload Candidate CVs

Simply upload the CVs of the candidates that have applied for your position

To Shortlist Candidates Automatically

Then GrammarGuru will create a shortlist of the candidates with the most potential by comparing their CV to your job description and creating a Suitability Score.

We even extract their name and contact details so you can perform follow ups with ease!

New Job Description Form


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